Drew grew up in Baltimore, MD. His parents were both professional classical artists. His father, a composer, director, pianist, and organist. His mother, an opera singer and performer.

After initial jazz and classical study on guitar, Drew began to play professionally in bands all over the North East, emerging as a modern rock guitarist, producer, and arranger.

He has toured extensively around the world playing or teching for internationally prominent artists such as Sebastian Bach, Sevendust, 10 Years, Cloudbreak, and Wes McDonough to name a few.

His US tours have most recently been with Mike Ruocco, and Daughtry. Drew is in demand as an arranger/producer of multiple rock singles and albums. Most recently Drew has pulled off the road to move to the North East to raise his young family, produce, write, and perform whenever given the chance.


So I’ve been writing with and for many bands/artists over the last 15 years. I feel as if I am truly ready to produce my first solo record. I’ve been able to kind of hide behind the big loud rock bands and singers for many years. It was comfortable. In the last year or so I’ve taken myself out of the comfort zone, playing and singing for whatever venue will have me. It’s been quite liberating. I’m one of these artists that’s never been a fan of my own voice. Lately though, I feel my craft and senses maturing. I’m understanding mediums that I didn’t understand a decade ago. The dust has settled from a very rambunctious “first act” of a career. I’ve been able to see the world a few times over. I’ve met and befriended some amazing individuals and influences. I’ve experienced moments of pure bliss through things like salvation or watching my children be born. I’ve experienced the lowest of lows through loneliness, depression, addiction, and the death of  loved ones. My inspiration comes from God, my family, love, pain, suffering, and happiness. I’ve got something inside of me that I’m finally ready to share.

I’ve been crafting songs for mainstream markets for over 15 years and I feel as if I’m now just really starting to get “it.” A lot more “life” has happened in the last 5-6 years. I can’t really think of anything more powerful than experience to breathe life into a song. I think more than ever right now, people need to not only hear, but feel a song. A great song should flood your body with emotion, happy or sad in it’s content.

In the early stages of my career I always built the song around a guitar riff or instrumentation of an idea. I had arrangements instrumentally completed before even starting the lyric process. This reason was because the music or guitar came very easy to me and the words…not so much. The emotion was there but I was very reserved. As the years went on, this all changed. I became more in sync with my heart. I learned how to deal with raw emotion without abusing substances or hiding from everything and everyone. I think as we get older or mature as musicians we just eventually need more out of our personal music selections. Gosh, half of the stuff I loved 15-20 years ago I can’t stand now. Then there were artists that were doing there thing in that same time period that I now adore and totally get! The songwriting process has really changed for me over the years. I try and let an experience or emotion fuel a few thoughts onto the paper. Then I will let whatever those words or thoughts are…inspire the instrumentation process.

Under God, music has always been the “end all, be all” for me. I believe it to be the ultimate, universal language and most powerful tool to bringing people in complete opposition together. Support Art! Thank You and God Bless!


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